About Us

Blood donation mission started in 1994 and witnessed many people contributing in saving lives.  After 19 years of serving community it was decided to give this mission a name and hence Lokmitra Blood Bank was formed on 22 February 2013.  

We have helped hundreds of people in need of blood - accident victims, Thalassemia children, pregnant women and people going through surgeries.  

Low level of education, myths and superstitions in the community are the root causes for avoiding blood donation. India faces a shortage of almost 3 million units of blood yearly. This shortage leads to poor numbers for maternal and infant mortality that affects our health rankings as those published by Lancet recently. Also this affects deaths due to road accident. We are constantly working towards educating community that blood donation has no harmful effects. We organise regular events to help people understand the need and benefits blood donation would bring to the society and country. 

Join Dr Mahendra Shrimali in this mission to avoid blood shortage in our city and country